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Luxury Campervan

R&R Campervan Rentals Has Premium Luxury Campervan Options For Glamping In Style.

Do you want to see it all, take in the universe, and learn new things? Awesome! But do you also want every creature comfort that home allows including a soft bed, clean floors, a working bathroom, and kitchen amenities? Yeah. We get it. That is why we offer luxury campervan options for those who are ready to travel off the beaten path, but not ready to rough it. Many people who did not previously consider themselves outdoors types are rethinking that assessment after seeing the wonders that New Zealand has to offer without having to sleep on the ground or go without a shower. We are your resource for your search for a Holiday Campervan for Hire New Plymouth. So if you have been debating take the leap and give us a call. We can help you see it all, while not compromising on comfort or safety.

Our customers always get the VIP treatment and we rent our luxury campervan to people who simply want to get in a go without worrying about a thing. Leave the logistics to us if you like and contact us to discuss holiday planning and itineraries. Others enjoy the freedom of simply driving without a destination. That is great too. Still, others are locals who want to see their local sights from a new perspective. Whatever brings you to us, we welcome all and look forward to being a part of your vacation planning. Follow us on Facebook for up to date availability posting, vacation tips, and interior pictures of our current selection. If you are always planning that next vacation we would love to be a part of the inspiration and execution of your dream vacation. Contact us today.

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