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T&C's (By accepting a quote from us you accept all T&C below and those in the signed contracts)

At R&R Campervan Rentals Ltd, our customers always receive VIP treatment. We’re invested in keeping our customers happy, and providing specialized services designed to make their lives easier. You will be required to show us a copy of your valid drivers license without restrictions.  For those wanting a payment plan - arrangements can be made please contact us.  Take a look below to learn more and note that the refunds below will only be applicable to invoices paid in full.


Our Cancellation Terms & Conditions 

All cancellations will carry a $100 booking fee no exceptions. 

61+ days before commencement of rental = 100% refundable less the booking fee

30 - 60 days before commencement of rental = 55% of quote/invoice will be deductable + booking fee

22 -29 days before commencement of rental = 75% of quote/invoice will be deductable + booking fee

0 -21 days before commencement of rental = 100% NON REFUNDABLE

No refunds will be given on partialy paid invoices i.e if you had only paid a deposit and then cancel you will not be refunded at all. 

You will be required to show us a copy of your valid drivers licence without restrictions.

Security Bond:

We charge an amount of $1700 as a security bond (local NZ residents only) $3500 international visitors - however, this amount is refunded after the RUC fees (only if 3-10 days rental) are deducted for trips longer than 10 days an estimated RUC will be payable prior to collection unless otherwise arranged

Should the vehicle be involved in an accident  the excess ($1500) would be taken off this bond the same goes for ANY windscreen replacement, if there is a chip repair you will not be charged. Tyres are not covered at all!

The security bond is usually refunded between 3-5 working days after return of the campervan/motorhome if below conditions were met:  Refuelled, gas refilled, toilet cleaned and toilet cassette emptied, grey water emptied, no infringements or outstanding tolls, camper or motorhome returned in a clean condition and nothing is damaged or broken and returned on time.


Special care is taken during these times with regards to cleaning.  

Credit Card/Debit Card Payments : Paystation secure Link:

Please note this carries a fee of 2.87% which will not be included in the invoice, but it will be deducted off the security bond as the client is liable for these fees.

Important Notes: 

  1. By accepting the quote you accept all our T&C and will be held liable for any damage to our vehicles

  2. Minimum rental = 3 days out of season and holidays, mid season 5 days and peak seasons min 14 days.

  3. We offer bedding (duvets, pillows, sheets, blankets, duvet covers & pillowcases and towels) as an additional service @ $30 for 2 people if you have booked for longer than 7 days and not got a discounted rate then only do we include linen free of charge

  4. We charge a daily hire rate (collections can be arranged from 9am and returns by 12pm (season dependant)  Note that late returns will be charged a fine of $50 per every hour or part thereof.

  5. We charge $115 cleaning fee on all campers/motorhomes, price includes the use of :, coffee/tea and sugar, salt & pepper,cleaning materials, showergel, shampoo etc.

  6. Please adhere to the rules, empty grey water, return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, full fresh water tank, empty toilet cassette and CLEAN the toilet, refill the gas bottle and leave the motorhome/camper in a general clean condition to avoid money being taken from your security bond!  Also see to it that you report damages and replace broken items or you will be charged.

  7. Insurance is charged daily @ $30p/d and only valid full licences will be accepted.  Roadside assitance is compulsory at $7p/d for NZ residents/citizens only and glass cover is available at $10 per day (no exces on glass claims) otherwise $1500 excess applies.  Chips on the passenger side can be repaired without an excess but any chips on the drivers side will carry an excess  and any cracks will warrent a windscreen replacement

  8. All diesel vehicles are subject to pay RUC fees  - Flash, Twin & Stray  (2-4 sleepers)of $9 per every100km or part thereof and Hot, Super, Double, Triple and Duplicate Dog at $11 per every 100km or part thereof.  For trips longer than 10 days an estimate will be worked out based on your itinnerary and plans and charged upfront to cover these costs seperately

  9. Airport drop offs & collections at an extra fee of $30 each way between (8am and 5pm) after hour fees increase to $50

  10. Extra drivers license @ $30 per person - first driver covered free of charge

  11. Superdog, Flash & Twin Dog, Double, Hot and Triple Dog, and Underdog comes with 150km free per day and Duplicate and Stray dog with 200km free per day thereafter a charge of NZD 84c per km thereafter applicable to all the motorhomes - if the usual standard daily rates were charged

  12. We have some pet friendly vehicles and a surcharge of $20p/d per dog will be charged - max $400 (only small dogs allowed) this does not include cleaning costs on return if any and if theres damage to the interior including couches/fabric or pet hair on the upholstery

  13. No under 21's hires and higher security bond of $3500 for under 25's

  14. One way hires can be arranged at a surcharge of $750 each way (North island  AKL/Hamilton and WLG only) this will include the fuel, time and flght only ( RUC, km's  and fuel for the clients expense) South Island returns$1550 and this excludes the ferry trip and the same rules applies as per the North island pick up. 

  15. Collection times in peak season is 9am and returns are 12pm - times vary for mid & low seasons and late fees will apply

  16. Peak Season - Dec till April;  Mid Season - Sept till Nov; Low Season - May - Aug

  17. Rates advertised  on website are always low season rates unless otherwise stated

  18. No under 25's allowed to drive/hire our vehicles 

  19. No refunds will be given on partially paid invoices i.e. on deposits received, no matter what the timeframe

  20. Glass cover at $10p/d and no excess - this is optional

  • Our vehicles must not be driven on any salt-water beaches and on stipulated roads: , 4-wheel drive only roads, Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), North of Colville Township (Coromandel Peninsula), Bluff Road that runs between Kuaotunu and Matarangi (Coromandel Peninsula), unsealed parts of the Tasman Valley Road (Mt. Cook), unsealed parts of the Wanaka-Mount Aspiring Road and Skippers Road (Queenstown). All other public roads are permitted throughout New Zealand.

  • Smoking and/or animals (excluding registered guide or assistance dogs) are not permitted in the vehicle at any time. R&R Campervan Rentals LTD reserves the right to charge a minimum vehicle grooming fee of $350 in the case of failure to comply with this policy.

  • The Hirer shall ensure that all reasonable care is taken in handling and parking the vehicle. In particular, the Hirer must ensure that the vehicle is securely locked, the vehicle is in gear (or P for automatic vehicles) and the handbrake is engaged when not in use. The Hirer shall ensure that the recommended levels are maintained with respect to the water in the radiator of the vehicle, the oil and the tyre pressures of the vehicle. Any on-board LPG gas bottles must be filled prior to return.

  • The Hirer is responsible for ensuring any roads entered are not subject to severe weather warnings. Entering roads with severe weather warnings is at the driver’s risk. The Hirer is responsible for keeping up to date with weather updates and associated warnings. It is the Hirer's responsibility to be aware of and act in compliance with all New Zealand Transport Agency rules and regulations.

  • NZ law stipulates that children under 7 years of age must be properly restrained in an approved car restraint. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure the child restraint is installed correctly in the vehicle. If the vehicle has an approved on/off switch modification to allow the front passenger airbag to be disabled in order to use a rear facing child restraint seat in that passenger seat.

  • The Hirer is at all times fully liable (without a monetary limit) for:

  • Any damage to R&R Campervan Rentals vehicle or third party property if the terms of this rental agreement are breached

  • The mileage may differ to the allowed free km's - it will be adjusted if you received a low rate i.e reduction in daily free kilometers, you could only receive 100km free per day it is the descretion of the owner to adjust this free km's and will show on your invoice and quote

  • One way drop off or collection fees do not cover RUC, mileage or ferry trips this will be deducted from the security bond- it only covers my time and fuel .  North island as far as AKL is $750 and South Island from $1500 (this is a min trip of 12hrs)

  • Damages caused by racing, speed tests or other contests

  • Damage caused by careless, willful or reckless driving

  • Damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Damage caused by driving on restricted roads (as abovementioned)

  • Damage to or loss of any personal belongings

  • Damage caused by the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel

  • Damage caused by filling any vehicle holding tanks with an incorrect fluid or substance (e.g. diesel filled in the freshwater tank, water filled in the engine oil holding tank, etc.)

  • Damage caused by water submersion or salt water damage

  • Damage caused in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition that arose during the course of the hire and that caused or contributed to the damage and loss, and the Hirer or driver was aware or ought to have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the vehicle.

  • Cost to retrieve or recover vehicles which have become bogged submerged or abandoned

  • All costs associated to retrieve or recover vehicles which have been abandoned due to roads with severe weather warnings

  • Cost to replace vehicle keys that have been lost or damaged or retrieval of keys that are locked in the vehicle

  • Damages caused by the use of snow chains or bike racks

  • Damages due to overloading of the vehicle

  • Damages caused by entering height restricted carparks or any other structures that are lower than the vehicle height

  • If any of the above exclusions occur, the Hirer shall be liable for all resulting actual or consequential losses incurred by R&R Campervan Rentals LTD and it is at the sole discretion of  R&R Campervan Rentals LTD as to whether it shall lodge a claim pursuant to the insurance cover.

  • Vehicles must be returned on the date, place and time as pointed out on quote/invoice and contract. Late returns will result in extra charges $50 per every hour. The Hirer is obliged to return the vehicle:

  1. With the fuel level full - fee for returning the vehicle without it being full is $75 plus fuel charge to get it full

  2. In a reasonably clean condition (interior and exterior) - fee for returning a dirty motorhome is $150

  3. With empty holding tanks for grey water and waste water (toilet cassette) - filling up fee $50 excluding double the fuel amount

  4. With full LPG gas bottles - fee for not doing this is $30 excluding the price of filling

  • A security bond equivalent to the insurance excess applicable payable by the Hirer, but will not be charged on the return of the vehicle, provided that:

  • The vehicle is returned to the agreed location at the agreed time ($1000 penalty applies if breached)

  • Grey water tank and toilet have been emptied ($150 charge for toilet, $25 charge for grey water tank)

  • All traffic fines have been paid (otherwise your fine will be charged plus a $35 handling fee)

  • All toll road charges have been paid (otherwise your toll fee will be charged plus a $20 handling fee)

  • The vehicle is returned in a reasonably clean condition ($150 charge if not returned reasonably clean)

  • The vehicle is returned with a fuel level full (charged at double the price of filling)

  • The vehicle is returned with full LPG gas bottles (charged at double the price of filling)

  • No items belonging to R&R Campervan Rentals have been lost or damaged

  • No damage is incurred to the vehicle or any 3rd party property

  • The insurance exclusions have not been violated

  • Ownership and title to the vehicle remains at all times with R&R Campervan Rentals LTD, who reserves a security interest in the vehicle and the Hirer unconditionally and irrevocably agrees to waive the Hirer’s rights as debtor to the maximum extent permitted by the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 (including its right to receive a copy of a verification statement under section 148 on the PPSA in respect of any financing statement) and accordingly the parties contract out of the Hirer’s rights to that extent.

  • The vehicle may only be driven by the person(s) described on page 1 and only if each such person is at least 21 years of age and has held a full and valid driver’s licence for no less than 12 months. All R&R Campervan Rental LTD vehicles can be operated with a car licence valid to a tare vehicle weight of 3.5tonnes. The Hirer must ensure that the driver's licence is valid for the vehicle hired in this agreement.

  • Excess on glass is $1500 and excess on any damage or accidents is $1500, tyres are not covered at all

  • You will be responsible for any legal costs in the case of you not paying your outstanding invoices/excess/RUC/extra mileage or any other costs you are responsible for i.e. tolls and infringements as well.

  • 24hr AA roadside assistance will be compulsory for all hires all local NZ drivers licence holders will pay $7 per day and international visitors a $195 once off fee

  • RUC will be estimated based on your planned trip and will need to be purchased up front for all trips exceeding 14 days - RUC @ $9 per 100km or part thereof for Flash & Twin Dog, @ $11 per 100km or part thereof for Double, Stray, Duplicate, Super , Hot and Triple Dog

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