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Vacation Campervan

Do You Need Quality Self Contained Campervan Rentals In Taranaki?

Seeing the countryside starting in scenic Taranaki is the dream of many, at R&R Campervan Rentals we help those who wish to wander start on their path with vacation campervan rentals. Many people rent our campervans when they arrive in town from afar as an affordable way to see the area, explore nature, and travel without restriction. Our options are fitting for a single traveler, a small family group, or a large family group. If you typically enjoy traveling and roughing it, you may want to upgrade to a camper van in luxury so you can bring a loved one along that may not have the ability to sleep in a tent or to rough it. We help families plan unique vacations that are inclusive to all and we take pride in providing quality amenities to each client.

It is no wonder, really, why people travel from afar just to start their vacations here. Mount Taranaki is breathtaking from afar and along the foothills and slopes as well, there are seemingly endless miles of breathtaking vistas, camping opportunities, and animals peeking from behind rhododendron. The sunny climate, coastal sights and natural resources are like no other in the world and while locals try to keep our paradise secret we also enjoy meeting tourists who just have to enjoy our slice of heaven for themselves. Come to New Zealand from around the globe when all travel restrictions are lifted to find out why we never fail to simply be amazing. If you are a local, use this time to enjoy the respite that nature brings and to bond over a campfire with your family group after a lovely day exploring our endless natural resources. 

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