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Campervan Rental for Vacation

R&R Campervan Rentals Provides Quality Campervan Rentals For Vacation and More.

Are you interested in seeing New Zealand in a whole new way? Come to us for your New Zealand Campervan Rental today. Traveling by campervan allows visitors to get off the beaten path and to see things that they would not typically. If you have been considering a campervan vacation but do not want to invest in owning then consider a campervan rental for vacation and enjoy all the perks that the traveling life has to offer with none of the drawbacks of having to actually buy and store a van, keep up with maintenance, and worry about depreciation. We offer New Zealand Campervan Rentals in a variety of sizes and luxury options. You can freely choose where the road takes you or discuss travel plans with us for local insider information. We strive to offer the best in amenities, convenience, and freedom to our customers every single time.

We stand out in the industry because we put a premium on quality. Our Camper van rental for vacation options have low kilometers, comfort amenities, and low prices. We cannot be beaten because each of our customers are treated fairly and we take great pride in our inventory and reliability. Check out our online selection, give us a call, or simply come in and choose the rental that suits your family best. Campervan vacations are common for honeymoons, family vacations, and even single adventurers who need to step away from society. We love meeting the wide variety of people who come in for camper van rentals and even more we love hearing about their stories of fun on the road when they return. If you have a great time in our campervan rental, feel free to tag us in your social media pictures so we can be a part of the fun!

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